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Loan without salary receipt

Without that voucher, everyone closes the doors of a loan .But with us we have very few requirements and you do not need a salary receipt. Are you thinking of asking for a loan without a salary? Do you find it impossible without a salary? Do you have doubts about what your alternatives are? You, like…

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What to do with your loans in summer?

Gym, tanning, treatments, clothes, holidays … What do you want to do with your loan ? The summer is approaching and the women are seizing the attack for arriving divine on January 1st. Sure, you have to put on your bikini, even if it’s for sunbathing on the terrace! The problem is that in 15 days…

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Sale of the Fifth: request it now!

The assignment of the Fifth, thanks to the national agreement. The assignment of the fifth is a subsidized loan for state employees. These are a prerogative that most of the banks and finance companies, identifiable as affiliated intermediaries, establish as preferential in exposure to the risk that is generated in the granting of credit. Likewise,…

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The types of personal loans

If until a few years ago the possibility of requesting a personal loan was examined only in case of sudden necessity, today things have definitely changed. The factors are certainly different, the information channels have multiplied, the Internet phenomenon is constantly expanding and is accessible 24 hours a day, and finally the advent of this…

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How Debt Consolidation Loans Work

Loans that spread more and more between those who request a new personal loan, after having already requested others. In fact, the debt consolidation loan provides for two or more loans to be merged, albeit with different financial companies, with the creation of a new personal loan contract that will resolve the old loans and…

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