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Sale of the Fifth: request it now!

The assignment of the Fifth, thanks to the national agreement.

Sale of the fifth carabinieri

The assignment of the fifth is a subsidized loan for state employees.

These are a prerogative that most of the banks and finance companies, identifiable as affiliated intermediaries, establish as preferential in exposure to the risk that is generated in the granting of credit. Likewise, anyone who requests it has the guarantee to provide the unexceptionable presence of an employer such as the State, with all its heterogeneous branches, which protects the lenders with its solidity and solvency. With a view to personal funding for state employees, the sale of the fifth is, without any doubt, the formula that, from the act of its emanation in the distant 1950, turns out to be exponentially chosen for its characteristics of immediacy and convenience. Then there are some categories that, by virtue of the work carried out in the public sector, are facilitated with further preferential details, including those belonging to the , which for the honor and prestige they hold, represent a very attractive clientele for any credit or financial institution.

Sale of the fifth in agreement

All the subjects involved in a transfer of the fifth benefit from this operation that allows the national credit system to be fed.

First of all the applicants who can take advantage of a non-subordinate right to hypothesis of acceptance by the grantor, if not compliance with the minimum requisites required.

The advantage for banks and financial institutions is to benefit from the capitalization of sums and the protection of the guarantee provided by the employer, in the specific case of state employees, in providing for the repayment of the periodic installments by withdrawing what is directly provided in the payroll.

For the membership administration an increase in benefits for its employees, as well as the ability to extend agreements with providing institutions deemed most suitable to meet the needs, in accordance with and in compliance with the inpdap comparison tables, for the application of cheaper interest.

These relations of agreement allow, among others, all the employees of the Benemerita, to access a preferential channel in which the granting of sums up to € 40000 is guaranteed, with the application of very low and competitive interests, in fixed reason for the whole duration of the amortization period.

The calculation of the transferable quota for the salary of the and state employees, is obtained precisely because of this amortization plan in constant installments, whose benchmarks are the TAN, that is the nominal annual rate and the APR, the annual percentage rate global which is the compendium of all interests and charges to be paid, determining the total amount.

Given, for example, that the carabiniere aimed at obtaining the assignment of the fifth receives a salary of € 1800 net, the maximum transferable quota will be equal to an indicative amount of 360.00 euro.

In this way, the carabiniere who decides to commit part of his salary, can previously get an idea of ​​how effectively it will be required to return according to the plan in constant installments, established in relation to tan and taeg, so as to be able to assess the veracity how often it is advertised by imaginary intermediaries for the sole purpose of enforcing unsuspecting customers.

The online estimate is provided through a dedicated service on the relative sites of each financial operator, in which, by entering the necessary data, capital required, duration and, above all, net amount of the paycheck, in a few hours the maximum amount payable will be provided. reason for the transferable quota, highlighted in the request made to the institution to which it belongs.

As far as the is concerned, the financial administration of the Chieti general command will verify that the calculations made by the financial operator are correct and authorize the elevation.

Once the best estimate has been obtained, he will have to provide the last 3 original authenticated pay slips by the service, cud and identification documents with which the contract can be formalized which, after approval of the command, will allow the bank to pay the net amount directly into a current account.

With regard to the time necessary for this operation, except for vetoes by the administration as a result of prejudices about the debtor’s ability to pay, the bureaucratic execution takes place within a few weeks, time to receive approval from the CNA, that is, the national administrative center of the of Chieti, which is responsible for setting up the operation.

The requirements to be met by the employees of the for obtaining the assignment of the fifth are:

  • the exceeding of the period for the transition to an effective permanent service
  • the release, by the belonging command (in place of the last 3 authenticated pay slips) of a simple service certificate.

In fact, a carabiniere, like any State employee, can not be more than 67 years old at the time of payment of the last installment for the total extinction of the debt (often the loan must end before the leave to retire.

The calculation of the payable installment will therefore be equal to one fifth of the net salary received for a period of no more than ten years or 120 installments for a required capital reduced by very low brokerage costs, in compliance with the provisions of the same agreements.

The reason why the various banking and financial groups take a favorable view of the granting of subsidized loans for , is guaranteed to receive periodically the amount of each installment without delay, with the additional protection that arises from the insurance obligation for to finalize the contract.

In fact, as in every transfer of the fifth on the salary for state and private employees, policies are required to cover the risk of premorence and any dismissal as a result of early leave with relative exclusion from the ranks.

This is the detail that distinguishes almost all the loans granted and, in the case of facilitated loans for , provides a further tariff advantage due to the agreements that the Arma stipulates with both the various credit institutions and with the insurance companies.

The assignment of the fifth is a personal loan in all respects, with the particularity of not being finalized, ie without any justification concerning the use of the sums received. It can also be granted in cases where the applicant’s borrowing history has been compromised by reporting to the CRIF, or affected by provisions and acts, such as attachment and protest.

In these cases, the employee’s financial capacity is partly compromised, since his salary will already be subject to withholding for various reasons, so that the possibility of obtaining liquidity is represented, in addition to the transfer of the fifth, also by the payment proxy.

Lending loan

The payment delegation, also known as double fifth, is nothing more than a further grant of law, so that the employee of any State administration can borrow additional amounts of money, committing a larger portion of the monthly fees.

If the fifth of the salary is already held by the institution to cover other loans, or has been allocated, by a provision issued by the judicial authority, to the satisfaction of a claim, the same institution will verify the opportunity to grant a further transferable share, provided that the thresholds imposed by the CNA are not exceeded.

The delegation loan for the employees of Arma provides a fairly straightforward process, due to the impossibility of the same to distract the sums useful for the payment of the installments since they are directly held in paychecks, clearly on the residual of the salary that will be formed .

Cession of the fifth, what does it represent with the proxy loan?

The proxy loan for also represents the possibility of obtaining greater liquidity, since, alongside the sale of the fifth, considerable sums of money can be obtained and at rates that are strongly tempered by virtue of the agreement with Arma. The proxy loan is an advantage that many also exploit to consolidate their debts, extinguishing the partial sums of the same loans or loans contracted in the past, so as to eliminate the mortgage and enjoy the residual liquidity for further small investments, or for cope with spending urgencies.