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The types of personal loans

If until a few years ago the possibility of requesting a personal loan was examined only in case of sudden necessity, today things have definitely changed.

Tipologie di prestiti personali

The factors are certainly different, the information channels have multiplied, the Internet phenomenon is constantly expanding and is accessible 24 hours a day, and finally the advent of this economic crisis that has undoubtedly put us in difficulty.

Therefore, information on the costs and the extremes of a Personal Loan has become a widespread practice.

If you first requested a loan only to buy a car, open a new business, or sustain a sudden and unexpected expense; today, however, there is a growing tendency to choose this option also for “lighter” expenses such as a trip, the renewal of some household appliances, or more simply to take away some whim that we can not afford at this moment.

In this article we want to go to detail the most important types of Personal Loans, including some new financing possibilities such as the assignment of the fifth of their salary, the INPDAP loan for public sector workers, loans to pensioners, students (the so-called ” Loan of honor “), and finally the possibility of obtaining funding from those subjects who in the past had some problems like the protested or bad payers.

Personal loans: which types?

Personal loans are, in general, a type of financing that is granted to individuals, families, hence the name of personal loan. It can be requested for every type of purchase, from cars to motorcycles, from financing the studies for themselves or for a child, up to the renewal of home furnishings.

Employees can apply for salary-backed loans, a very simple procedure to request, with secure and guaranteed loans, repaid by debiting the monthly payment directly from the net salary.
This solution also applies to pensioners, with the only difference that the periodic installment is deducted from the net pension.

Students are a category of people who can apply for funding of honor, which are granted without particular guarantees, but with the commitment to study and with a guarantee issued by public bodies that propose these advantageous solutions.
Bad payers and protestors, on the other hand, are loans granted to those who have had financial problems in the past and have been registered in the register of bad payers or protestors, and for this reason today has problems in obtaining credit from banks and financial.