6 steps to a good date night, from a couples counselor

Even if you’ve put COVID concerns on the back burner, I’ve found that many couples are still feeling the impact because they’ve had to make dramatic lifestyle changes over the past two years and more. This pandemic lifestyle of squatting, watching shows, taking out food, not exercising and working in your bedroom didn’t lend itself to a lively atmosphere in your relationship with your partner.

Just like cars don’t run without gas, relationships don’t thrive without dedicated attention. Quality time together, doing something fun and relaxing, can put the necessary impetus back into relationships that have been fatigued by the pandemic. Once again, another movie isn’t the answer. Instead, it’s time to bring back date night.

Do you mark dates as too much work to plan? One of the consequences of lockdown is that staying glued to a screen at home has become a little too convenient. You may be one of the many people who now find it daunting to travel the way you used to. However, the tendency to live the couch potato all the time is an impulse to resist. We humans get bored without stimulation – and very bad company.

We’re a species that loves variety when it comes to romance. When the pandemic brought us all to an abrupt halt, we went into survival mode and equality became the norm. Now it’s time to burn those baggy sweatshirts, relegate those worn pajamas to the back of your drawer, and change into more attractive clothes in your most flattering colors. Bring vitality back into your everyday life, even if you still work from home. When you make this simple effort, you send the message, “I’m back! And ready to connect with you and have fun!”

Here are a few ways to get date night going again if it’s been a minute:

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