Dominion Energy urges the public to call 811 before beginning any renovation to ensure the reliability and safety of the power supply

  • If a project involves digging, contacting 811 is required
  • August 11th is a day to remember to call 811
  • The 811 service is free, required by law, and protects public safety

RICHMOND, Va., August 11, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Thursday is National 811 Day (8/11) and Dominion Energy is joining utilities companies across the country in reminding the public to call 811 and have underground utilities marked before im Summer home improvement projects to be completed that involve digging. The 811 service is free, required by law, and protects public safety.

According to a recent National to learnNearly half of all homeowners in the US planning to dig this year will be putting themselves and their communities at risk by digging without contacting 811. Accidentally hitting an underground utility could cause nuisance power outages, traffic disruptions, or public safety issues.

Common home improvement projects like installing a mailbox or building a patio are examples of projects that could damage underground utilities. State law requires the public to call 811 three business days prior to the start of a project to request underground utility marking. Property owners and contractors can dial 811 or submit a request online.

“On 811 Day and throughout the year, we train homeowners and professional contractors alike to use the free 811 service before digging to reduce the risk of damaging an underground utility,” said Jason Holland, Director of Distribution Operations Dominion Energy Virginia’s Centers and Emergency Preparedness. “Line marking is the only way to know which utility lines are buried in your area so you can avoid them and dig safely.”

Following the request, 811 will notify the appropriate utilities of the project and professional locators will mark the approximate location of underground services with flags, spray paint, or both to assist excavators and property owners in digging safely. The Utility Marking Service is funded by utilities such as Dominion Energy.

To learn more about safe digging, visit

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