How much can you save by working from home? | features

So if you’re still working from home, how much money are you saving?

A website called says it surveyed 3,206 people who work from home.

And it turns out that WFH employees in Kentucky save more than $76 million a month.

That’s about $151.25 each.

At the national level, the figure is $281.61

The savings include things like gas for commuting to and from the office, al fresco dining, and other expenses not incurred at home.

• Spot Coffee and Finery, which has been in Williamsburg Square for five years, has added a second location in Meijer.

• Have you bought petrol lately?

According to, the cheapest gasoline in town as of Friday morning was $4.19 a gallon.

And only at one station.

• How is your confidence in the economy?

The Conference Board reported this week that its Current Situation Index, which is based on consumer assessments of business and work confidence, fell slightly in May to 106.4 from 108.6 in April.

Lynn Franco, senior director of economic indicators at The Conference Board, said in a press release: “Meanwhile, purchase intentions for cars, households, major appliances and more have cooled – likely a reflection of rising interest rates and consumers moving away from big-ticket items to expenses for services. Holiday plans have also been softened due to rising prices.”

• According to the website, 17% of this year’s college graduates are already running their own business.

And another 43% have actual or potential plans to do so, the website says.

• Kohl thinks smaller.

The plan is to open around 100 small-format stores in new markets.

Most stores are now around 80,000 square feet.

The new stores will number around 35,000.

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