How to have a consistent look when half your employees are working from home

We all know how important image is and why it matters. We live in an age where corporate offices are less common and often consist of dining tables, bedrooms or the kitchen bench. Your brand and company image is regularly represented through the lens of a Zoom call.

However, a Zoom meeting is still a meeting. Whether we’re at home or in the office, conveying professionalism is still an essential part of making a good impression. In a world where human connections and interactions are just as likely to be virtual introductions as a handshake, it’s important to develop a sense of who your company is and what it represents. It’s important for your team to tell your brand’s story through what they wear, and for companies to take back control of that message.

A team uniform is no longer just about what you wear to the office, a retail store, or a fast food joint. A team uniform is a powerful tool to ensure there is a connection between your brand, what you stand for and everyone who works for you. It is a marketing tool that creates a connection between your values, your culture and your brand message. For those corporate offices that had a relaxed dress code, or for those that don’t have work-from-home attire, now is the time to review the guidelines.

Work from home is here to stay, and while your team may or may not enjoy this change, it certainly needs leadership and guidance to create something that represents going to work. Getting dressed for your day is symbolic, and after the disruption of recent years, many have lost the passion and enthusiasm to dress up for a specific occasion. The ritual of getting dressed determines everyday work. What your team wears helps with the form that critical connection through the screen and creates the right attitude to ensure a productive day.

If you work from home, a full corporate outfit makes little sense. However, there are many options that are practical and professional but do not involve sportswear. A work from home outfit is a powerful tool to connect your team and is a subtle daily reminder that they are all part of a team with the same common goals.

As a uniform specialist, I’m attuned to the slow but obvious deterioration in the care surrounding clothing and have decided to speak up. While it’s not possible to control a home office’s setting and environment, creating a work-from-home workwear outfit is a simple measure companies can take to ensure consistency and connection to the brand through their team’s attire.

Common sense isn’t always so prevalent, and like the importance of dress codes in a retail store or corporate headquarters, companies need to start implementing and managing dress codes for work from home, especially for video conferencing, to ensure a consistent message is conveyed A common understanding of values ​​is conveyed, no matter where your team is.

Written by Pamela Jabbour.
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