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Cabrini University offers its students many opportunities to get involved on campus. One of the most popular options is a working degree or a student position. From working in the library to cashing in the grill, there is a job for everyone. After interviewing a few students about their experience at Cabrini, here’s what they have to say.

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Diomi Marmol, the library receptionist, pointed out the need for a raise.

“Personally, I have to pay a car bill, get women’s products and other toiletries every month, get groceries, gasoline and pay tolls. We also have to pay tuition fees that I can’t afford out of pocket. Unfortunately, $ 145 doesn’t cover all of that. “

Marmol and many other students believe that pay needs to be increased not only for personal needs, but also for the number of hours they work alongside all of their other obligations.

Marmol said: “The position as a student assistant in the library has had a positive effect on my academic work, as we can do our schoolwork in our free time and learn.”

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Jalen Hammond, a receptionist at the Dixon Center, said he had been with the Dixon Center since the second semester of his freshman year.

Hammond thought this opportunity would be great for others; “I would recommend it to a friend. It’s a really good way to make money on campus. “

While this contradicts popular belief that the salary rate needs to be changed, it believes this is a great way to build your resume and fill up your free time.

Many of the students who hold positions have many great things to say about the benefits of working on campus.

“Yes, of course! Definitely a great experience, you meet new people, have conversations, help and work with a team of librarians who prepare you for the world of work,” said Marmol.

These positions not only give you experience and responsibility, but also allow you to meet new people and learn new things. It’s also good to keep in mind that there aren’t any major requirements that exclude you from any type of job on campus. Anyone who wants to do a job with the right qualifications can do so.

Cabrini offers two types of jobs for students. There are federal student jobs and non-federal student jobs. Federal student traineeships are part-time jobs for students who are in financial need. Typically, your grant package will include a fund that will enable you to take up a working student position.

A dual course of study is only possible with the appropriate qualifications. Visit or contact the Cavalier Express Center to find out if you are eligible. If you don’t qualify, you can only get one regular part-time job at a time.

There are tons of different jobs on campus, some examples include office or post office assistant, peer tutoring, a desk job at the Dixon Center, and even blogging for this Cabrini blog platform.

You can apply for jobs at The managers at Cabrini are very quick to contact you. Usually, depending on your line manager, you will be invited for an interview this week.

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