Join the remote work revolution with a career at VA

As the world continues to adjust to the changing working environment brought about by the pandemic and job seekers reconsider how they want to work, VA has recognized the need for flexible career options, including more remote work.

“At VA, since the pandemic, many positions have gone virtual and many positions are considered telecommuting,” said Mike Owens, VA’s human resource marketing specialist and host of our weekly Talk About It Tuesday show. .

Virtual vs teleworking

At VA, remote work options are typically broken down into two categories: “virtual” and “telecommuting.”

A “virtual” job allows you to carry out your work from a location of your choice. When you work virtually, you can be at home, in a coffee shop or even in the park – anywhere you have a good internet connection.

A “telework” position is more of a hybrid. While you may work at an approved alternate location, these positions also require attendance at a primary facility on some days.

carrying out your search

So how do you know if the job you’re looking for has virtual or remote work options?

You will first find out whether a position is suitable when you open a job description.

If you review the “Overview” section of the announcement, you’ll see a summary of the telecommuting eligibility, and if you’re on a desktop computer, a pop-up will let you know if you can hover over the section work from home some days.

If you dig deeper into the job description, you can also learn more about telecommuting or virtual options. Some jobs may offer telecommuting and virtual opportunities for highly qualified candidates. This gives you both options.

There may also be teleworking options as part of the posting, but the position itself will not be considered fully virtual. Again, this means you have the option to work from home (or wherever you like) some days, but you still need to check in to the office regularly.

You can also filter your search on If you look to the right at the beginning of your search, under “More Filters” you will find telecommuting options so you can select jobs with that specific benefit. Once you’ve selected this filter, you’ll see it as one of your options under the search bar at the top of the page.

Opportunities abound

VA currently has over 1,100 jobs with virtual or telecommuting options as part of the vacancy. These positions encompass almost everything we do here at VA. Whether in clinical fields like medicine and health or in non-clinical fields like software development, human services and project management, an opportunity awaits you at VA.

And just like any VA career, these virtual and telecommuting positions offer many more benefits, just like any in-person job on our team.

  • Competitive starting salaries. We offer our employees strong starting salaries based on education, training and experience. We also offer steady growth with regular salary increases to reflect inflation and local market changes.
  • Flexible schedules. In addition to the home office option, our employees receive 13 to 26 paid vacation/private days and 13 sick days per year without a credit limit. We also celebrate 11 paid public holidays each year.
  • Robust insurance options. You can choose from a variety of healthcare organizations or paid healthcare plans, and they all cover pre-existing medical conditions. We also pay up to 75% of health insurance premiums, a benefit that may continue into retirement.

Work at VA

Whether fully virtual or hybrid remote work, VA offers you the opportunity to work in a way that is important to you and improve the quality of your life.

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