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According to the first ministerial decision of its kind, signed by Minister of Labor Kostis Hatzidakis, employers must pay a minimum of 28 euros per month to each of their workers who do telework.

The decision implements the recently passed Labor Code and sets the minimum amount to cover the cost of equipment, telecommunications services and use of the home office.

In particular, this compensation cannot be paid in lieu of the employee’s salary, as it is an expense if the employer and employee agreed to work from home either when hiring or at a later date.

The decision expressly states that employers must pay their teleworkers at least € 13 each month for use of their home office, € 10 for telecommunications connection costs and € 5 for equipment maintenance.

The minimum remuneration was determined on the basis of a special cost study that PricewaterhouseCoopers carried out for the ministry. It represents the application of the latest labor law, which for the first time establishes the conditions, rights and obligations of teleworkers.

The decision clarifies that working remotely must be subject to an agreement between employer and employee, except for reasons of public health or when the health of a worker is at risk; in these cases, the employer is obliged to grant an employee’s request to work from home (subject to other serious factors).

Of course, despite the sharp increase in teleworking via the two Covid-19 bans, this employment system is currently only used by large companies such as service and technology providers, banks and commercial companies.

According to the latest August figures, the number of teleworkers in Attica alone was 122,082, while the number of teleworkers in the rest of the country was only 14,002.

The ministerial decision provides that compensation for telecommunications costs will not be paid if the employer pays them directly through a separate contract with the Internet provider.

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