Portsmouth HR expert creates the city’s first fully managed, outsourced health department, The Joy Dept, to encourage companies to take employee mental health seriously

Emily Alexander

Emily Alexander, an HR professional from Hilsea, founded The Joy Dept.

She was inspired to start The Joy Dept after struggling with her own mental health and not getting the right support from her employers.

She said, “This led to a deterioration in mental health. I don’t want anyone else to suffer. ‘

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Emily created the thejoydept.co.uk website where she shares her knowledge and takes bookings.

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The HR expert in Portsmouth starts from her Hilsea Liv …

She urged companies to take workplace wellbeing seriously if they want to increase productivity, morale and loyalty.

She said studies have found that more than 50 percent of the workforce say they have little or no access to health promotion.

Emily uses a psychometric tool called Wraw, which uses a survey to measure resilience and its impact on wellbeing in the workplace.

Emily said, “I provide companies with extensive data through 15-minute psychometric wraw assessments to measure the resilience and wellbeing of their employees, which identify areas for development, save time and money on training, increase work ethic, the Improve and align culture, reduce stress and “sickness-related absenteeism, lower fluctuation and increase in productivity.

“Joy Dept now has 15 providers who are specialists in their fields and we are working with employers to create tailored health plans for the coming months and to identify the relevant training courses, workshops or speakers to close the identified health gaps.

“We can also provide support with outplacement due to layoffs, new hires, re-entry after a long absence or warnings that someone is having difficulties at work – or we can organize a feel-good day.

‘Many of the providers are based in Portsmouth and Hampshire. It is much better to work together than to compete in the wellness industry if we are to make a difference! ‘

Emily is a Certified Wellness Coach with the NHS Personalized Care Institute and the Association for Coaching, a Wraw Accredited Practitioner, a Mental Health Attorney, and a background in HR (CIPD), Operations and Recruiting.

She was recently recognized at The News Innovation Awards for her work during the lockdown in building the online support network and service redundancy support.

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