Tesla falls behind peers as preferred job among engineering graduates in Germany: report

Something remarkable happened on the German labor market last year. While the top engineering jobs have always been local automakers, Tesla, the American electric vehicle maker, shot up to second place as the Gigafactory Berlin neared completion.

The analysis of the preferred jobs of engineers in Germany was carried out by the employer branding consultancy Universum, which conducts its study annually. Tesla’s results last year were as shocking as they were surprising: One in five engineering graduates told Universum that they would like to work at Tesla.

This year, however, the environment appears to be different. For this year’s ranking, Tesla lost almost 3.3 percentage points and thus occupies sixth place in the state ranking among engineering graduates.

Local automakers, on the other hand, seemed as strong as ever. Porsche was at the top with almost 26% of all engineering graduates who wanted to work for the company. Mercedes-Benz followed in second place with 19.2%. According to a, BMW was up 0.4% and Volkswagen was up 1% WirtschaftsWoche Report.

Universum Manager Tina Smetana shared her thoughts on Tesla’s declining popularity among Germany’s engineering graduates. According to Smetana, the company’s yet-to-be-seen work environment could be a factor pushing engineering graduates to reconsider a potential career at the EV maker.

“Now that not much is known about the specific working atmosphere at Tesla, many students seem to be changing their minds,” she said.

The Universum manager also commented on the success of local car manufacturers.

“Perhaps German corporations benefit from the fact that they are again more strongly associated with attractive products, market success and prestige and that these topics are becoming increasingly attractive to students,” she said.

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Tesla falls behind peers as preferred job among engineering graduates in Germany: report

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