The HMR Circle volunteer chef secures a part-time job at the Bombay Brew restaurant in Rochdale

A volunteer who helped prepare meals to be delivered to vulnerable people secured a job in a restaurant.

Anna Jozwicka volunteered at HMR Circle, which supports elderly residents in Heywood, Middleton and Rochdale after losing her job as a warehouse worker for Argos due to the pandemic.

After working in the kitchen for Chef Noel of the Veterans Food Co., she found a part-time job in the kitchen of the Indian restaurant Bombay Brew, run by Ben Boothman.

The HMR Circle Dinner Driver’s Project is a partnership between HMR Circle, The Veterans Food Co and Rochdale Boroughwide Housing, delivering freshly prepared restaurant-quality meals to people’s doors across the district.

“I called the number and met Chef Noel and I started learning how to cook for more people than I normally do because I usually only cook for the people in my house,” said Anna, the one with the kids Silip (13) and Zuzanna live in Sudden. 10 after moving from Warsaw 14 years ago.

“Chef Noel showed me all the rules and details and a few good recipes, and we worked for the Circle.

“We cooked for the people, we made lunch for them, and after that class I was invited to work at Bombay Brew.”

Anna added that working in a kitchen is a change from her previous job in a warehouse.

“Everything was new to me,” she says.

“It was a real change in the way I work, because all the experiences I had before were the warehouse jobs.

“Before I started studying, I thought about whether I should change something in my life for another job. I think it went well for me. “

Over New Year’s Eve, Anna worked her first solo kitchen shift and took care of 50 place settings.

She said she was “a little stressed” but that Noel and Ben’s training was good for her.

Anna said: “I was a little stressed, but I think I have mastered everything. We didn’t expect that many customers because it was the beginning of the year.

“I love the job, I feel really good with the people I work with, I feel really integrated into the restaurant – Chef Ben is a great teacher.

“Much of my success can be traced back to Chef Noel and Ben. They taught me everything I know today, and without them I wouldn’t be that good in the kitchen. “

Circle Director Mark Wynn, who put Anna in contact with Bombay Brew owner Ben Boothman, said, “All of these different components came together. Ben answered to say how pleased he was, which was great to hear.

“She was looking for work, looking after the kids, and working at Bombay Brew was a perfect fit for her as it’s not 9-5.”

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