Work from home with your kids | 6 tips to get your child involved during work hours

Things are changing daily in the current situation and most of us have noticed that our usual routines have changed. People are spending more time with their family members as most jobs allow work from home, daycare centers and schools close with new rules and regulations. Also with the pandemic going on, several working parents are facing an exceptional situation of working from home with children and also less access to the babysitters that working parents can usually rely on.Also read – RRB Group D Admit Card 2022 to be released today at| Check the steps to download the hall ticket

Whether you are a father or a mother, responsibility for a child never ends. So how do superparents manage their families while working from home? Here are some tips that can help you when working from home with your kids. Also read – Raju Srivastav Health LIVE updates: Comedian not responding to treatment, hospital sources say, as family urges to ignore fake death rumors

6 tips to manage kids while working from home

Never be afraid to help: Taking care of a baby is hard work and it gets harder when you work too. If you were dependent on family support or some other form of childcare before starting remote work, there’s no reason to stop. Whether it’s a relative coming over to help care for your baby or a part-time babysitter, this help can allow you to focus on your work. So if you’re offered help, don’t be afraid to accept it. Also Read – Har Ghar Tiranga: Guinness World Record for World’s Largest Human Formation of a Waving National Flag Created in Chandigarh | CLOCK

Distract your child with phone and games: Luckily, with phone and online communications, there are plenty of ways for kids to connect, even when they’re at home. For school-age kids who are comfortable using a device, try setting up regular video calls with their friends or even a weekly chat with distant relatives. It not only provides social interaction for your kids but also entertains them. It’s also great if you could give them a phone to play some games or do anything that they can keep themselves busy for a super long time.

Share responsibilities with your partner: Share responsibilities with your partner – If you have a partner, work together to share all childcare responsibilities. If your parenting preferences are different, one of you can take care of the serious needs of the kids while the other takes care of the fun aspect. While one is in the office, the other can look after the children.

Set important rules: Children are able to learn a variety of skills. It is your responsibility as parents to teach them, but how you teach them is just as important as what they learn. Always use positive reinforcement when teaching your toddler to respect your remote work environment and get the best results. Teach them what to do when you get a call or need to send an email.

Rotate toys to keep them new and interesting: It is important that your child not only enjoys playing with the mobile phone, but also enjoys playing with toys. So keep changing toys so they don’t lose interest as best they know where their comfort zone is.

Take short breaks: Take short breaks from work to spend time with the kids playing, exploring, or learning. Children love to spend time with their favorite people. So if you can spare half an hour or 15 minutes, try to spend time with them.

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